项目类型 \ 店面形象与橱窗设计

项目地址 \ 成都市武侯区天乐街

完成时间 \ 2016年9月





The store is located within an uptown residential community, where ease can be found in a hustling urban life. The façade is clad in a series of folded metal panels that textured with various perforations. It presents a diffuse reflection of the surrounding condition, which presents changing impressions vary from dawn to dark. Contrasting with the cool silver color in day times, the hidden light strip at the bottom brings a warm feeling at nights.


The core concept of the interior design is an assemblage of individual living experience in modern city -fast paced, full of fusions of new and old, isolated yet interconnected with each other.

Terrazzo floor and distressed wall are applied as well as perforated metal plate and polished marble texture in bright color. The diverse application of materials creates a dynamic space with powerful contrasts.


In the sportswear area and the cashier, we use steel plate and concrete tiles embossed with metal texture to indicate the industrial nature of city.


The center of the store features an eye-catching translucent cube in orange color, which is the stage set for special collections.


A window showcase is designed to enhance the dazzling visual experience after the concept of urban life, as an important attraction for the costumers.

项目团队 \

设计总监   郑铮  Zen Zheng

项目经理   陈常  CC

空间设计   冯婷妹、林婕

橱窗设计   吴泳蒽、曾敏冬

特别鸣谢 \

项目摄影   黄早慧